BEL'S AI FOR HER is a project that aims to equip young girls and women with machine learning skills to challenge women's issues. It is a space where women can think and design innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence for problems related to their well being in the areas of health, cyber security, etc. During the training sessions, the students will have the opportunity to receive advice from women working in data science and in fields related to women's welfare.

What is the main objective of the BEL'S AI FOR HER project?

The goal is to focus on including girls in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields so that they can later move into data and artificial intelligence fields as they choose.

What are the various benefits that participants of a BEL'S AI FOR HER edition can gain?

  • Participants receive a presentation by an expert who shows them the value of moving into STEM fields to help build this ever-changing world.
  • Participants receive training on the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and its many applications.
  • Participants get hands-on experience with the Python language, which consists of developing an artificial intelligence project from A to Z, in order to consolidate the theoretical knowledge acquired.
  • Participants contribute to an open discussion session, where they can express all their misunderstandings and concerns about artificial intelligence.

If you are interested in this project, please contact us by email for details.

Important advice that women currently in the field of artificial intelligence would have liked to receive before launching themselves.

In support of BEL'S AI FOR HER, we solicited responses from prestigious women who have made their mark in the field of artificial intelligence about the important advice they wish they had received before starting out. We're excited to share their responses with you.