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During our sixth monthly meeting, our community was honored to host a trio of experts in artificial intelligence. The event commenced with a presentation by Mr. James Assiene, transitioned into an informative talk by Mr. Sakayo Sari, and concluded with valuable insights from Mr. Duval Peme. They discussed the "simplicity of NLP architectures and CHAT GPT", the "artificial intelligence model behind ChatGPT", and the "impact of AI on digital marketing alongside the ethical issues tied to ChatGPT".

How did it go?


  • August 26, 2023, was an enlightening day, highlighted by insights from Mr. Duval Peme on AI. He began by illustrating the innovations AI brings to digital marketing, before focusing on best practices for effectively interacting with ChatGPT, emphasizing the need for well-formulated prompts.
  • The pinnacle of the session was a reflection on the ethics of ChatGPT, where he reminded that, although technology can be neutral, its application can raise ethical concerns.


  • In a memorable session on August 19, 2023, Mr. Sakayo Sari delved into the mechanisms of artificial intelligence, with special attention given to ChatGPT.
  • He clarified that, even though the heart of ChatGPT is forged by deep learning and its Artificial Neural Networks, other areas such as reinforcement learning and traditional machine learning have shaped the overall evolution of AI, providing context and perspective to our understanding.


  • On August 19, 2023, our community had the privilege of hosting Mr. James Assiene, a recognized expert in Natural Language Processing. In a clear and concise manner, he introduced us to NLP architectures, with a focus on transformers.
  • He managed to simplify this complex topic, illustrating with the example of CHAT GPT. This enlightening exchange left a lasting impression on all participants.

After each presentation, a question-and-answer session is opened with community members. The questions were very enriching and constructive.

Participation rate

  • There were at least 40 online community members present during these two discussion sessions.

TALK 4: Introduction to Machine Learning - Basics of Preprocessing Numerical Data in ML

As part of the fourth monthly discussion with our community, we had the privilege of welcoming two invested in the field of artificial intelligence. They are first of all Mr. EBODE SILONE as well as Miss Maureen NOUNO. Together, they respectively led an exciting session on the themes: "Introduction to Machine Learning - Basics of preprocessing digital data in ML".

How did it go?

  • Mr EBODE SILONE gave a general introduction to the field of Machine Learning. He highlighted the distinction between various categories of machine learning algorithms in artificial intelligence, each adapted to specific conditions in order to maximise performance. He also highlighted the current ubiquity of machine learning and the importance of investing in it.

    In addition, Ms Maureen NOUNO presented and put into practice several techniques for pre-processing digital data using a jupyter notebook, before using it to train a machine learning model. This is crucial, as error-free data upstream guarantees optimal learning of the model and enhanced performance.
  • A question and answer session with members of the community

Participation rate

  • 30 online community members

TALK 3: The challenges of NLP in the african context

In order to enrich our community, we set up monthly thematic conferences orchestrated by specialists in the field of artificial intelligence. For this third edition, we had the honor of welcoming Dr. ZELALEM SHIBESHI, who led a conference on the challenges of natural language processing (NLP) in artificial intelligence, particularly in the African context.

How did it go?

  • Dr. ZELALEM SHIBESHI exposed us to the various obstacles that Natural Language Processing (NLP) faces in the African context, including the lack of digitized data for our African languages. He urges us to actively engage in projects to collect data for all our African languages.

Participation rate

  • 12 online community members

TALK 2: Career profiles in artificial intelligence

As part of our second monthly community discussion, we were privileged to welcome two renowned experts in the field of artificial intelligence. Firstly, Mr. Yannick OBAM, whose academic profile in this field is remarkable, and Mr. William NGAMBOU, whose professional expertise enriches our session. Together, they led a fascinating session on the central theme: "Career profiles in artificial intelligence".

How did it go?

  • Mr. WILLIAM NGANBOU honored us with his presence and explained the various interesting career profiles in the field of artificial intelligence. He provided us with valuable guidance for those of us wishing to enter this field. At the end of the conference, he concluded by pointing out that whatever career profile we wish to embrace, it is essential to master the fundamentals of artificial intelligence. In this respect, he praised the BEL'S AI initiative, which focuses on the following vision
  • A question and answer session with members of the community

Participation rate

  • 20 online community members

TALK 1: How to start learning artificial intelligence?

In order to nourish our community, we organise monthly thematic exchanges led by experts in the field of artificial intelligence. For the first edition, we had the privilege to receive Mrs Sokhar Samb and Mr Brunot Mouan to lead a discussion on the question: how to start learning artificial intelligence?

How did it go?

  • Mrs Sokhar presented the theoretical aspects that one needs to master in order to embark on a career in artificial intelligence.
  • Mr Mouan presented the technical and analytical aspects that are essential to emphasise when starting out in the field of artificial intelligence.
  • A question and answer session with members of the community

Participation rate

  • 25 online community members


In order to raise awareness of the general perceptions of community members regarding certain key terms related to artificial intelligence, we conduct bi-weekly studies in which participants are asked a short questionnaire to gather their opinions on specific issues. After the study, an article commenting on the results is published. We share them with you.